Ethan Ruan resigns from new movie

Ethan Ruan

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan recently resigned from his new movie, To The Fore, due to an injury.

Ethan and his co-star Eddie Peng created much hype in March this year when the two actors went to Hong Kong to promote Dante Lam’s upcoming new film about competitive cycling, To The Fore.

As the movie is scheduled to begin filming in June, Ethan accepted another role in Hong Kong Director Derek Yee’s new film Shanghai Noir, while co-star Eddie started his rigourous training programme for To The Fore.

Unfortunately, Ethan was injured in a fighting scene for Shanghai Noir last month, which caused his right knee ligament to tear.

According to Ethan’s manager, the doctor advised him not to participate in vigorous exercises within the next two months, and to avoid activities such as cycling, which require a lot of effort from the knees. He also has to attend rehabilitation sessions regularly and as such, Ethan will not be able to handle the large amount of cycling scenes in To The Fore.

His manager added that as they do not wish to delay the movie’s production, and are also worried that cycling could cause Ethan’s knee irreversible harm, thus they eventually decided to pull out of the movie. Nevertheless, Ethan does not feel regretful about this decision, for he believes that there will be many chances for collaborations in the future.

However, Ethan had already signed a contract with sponsors beforehand, so he still attended the Taiwan Speed Festival on Saturday and Sunday.

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Ethan Ruan

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