Elva Hsiao’s new beau likes her bare face

Elva Hsiao

At a music showcase on Tuesday, Taiwanese songbird Elva Hsiao refuted rumours that she is semi-cohabiting with her Singaporean beau Elroy Cheo, who is also Vanness Wu’s younger brother-in-law.

When asked if Elroy, who is currently based in Hangzhou, stays at her house when he visits Taiwan, Elva denied and said: “He sleeps at his sister’s place or a hotel.”

However, the 34-year-old let on that she often shows her bare face to her boyfriend. “He said that I look very different on TV and in real life. He thinks that I look friendlier and easy to get along with when I don’t wear makeup,” Elva added.

The new couple was recently spotted grocery shopping in a Taipei supermarket. During the showcase, Elva explained that they were preparing for a gathering that night. “I made Hsiao-style sukiyaki that was filled with my sincerity,” she said proudly.

While Elva appears to be adept in the kitchen, she disagreed with the notion that being a good cook appeals to men. “No way! Messy hair and greasy smell is not attractive,” the singer insisted.

Nevertheless, her cooking is said to be highly rated by Elroy. “He’s got good manners and is very easy-going, so everything is good to him,” Elva replied with a sweet smile.

Although her new romance seems to be progressing well, Elva has no plans for a flash marriage. Self-proclaiming to have matured from her past relationship, the singer said that she is now more courageous in pursuing what she wants. “I live in the moment, but I won’t do anything that I’d regret later,” she reiterated.

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