Elva Hsiao in a relationship after breakup with Kai Ko?

Elva Hsiao, Elroy

After her two-and-a-half year relationship with actor-singer Kai Ko ended, songstress Elva Hsiao is now rumoured to be in an amorous relationship with Elroy, Vanness Wu’s younger brother-in-law.

Both Elroy, who lives in the United States, and Elva first met at Vanness’s wedding banquet. When news of the split broke, Elroy reportedly made a trip to Taiwan to console her, and even accompanied her on work trips to Korea and Shanghai.

Indeed, the good-looking hunk with a huge tattoo on his arm seems to be Elva’s cup of tea. Elroy was seen by onlookers taking selfies with Elva’s cap and looking after her handbag while dining together with her – a sign of their more-than-friends relationship.

Elva has been a workaholic after her split with Kai, managing her fashion store ‘Carry Me’ and shooting her new music video. Responding to the gossip, her manager criticised the media for thinking too much, and said that having meals with her friends is perfectly normal.

A photo on a Facebook account, which is suspected to be Kai’s unofficial one, showed Elva having fun with a man whom he called ‘god-brother’. As both Kai and Elroy used to go prawning together, netizens suspect Elroy to be the ‘god-brother’ he was referring to.

During promotional activities for movie Tiny Times 3 in China on Tuesday (July 8), the 23-year-old revealed to be feeling fine but declined to answer questions regarding Elva.

He took to Chinese social networking site Weibo the following morning to pen down his thoughts and self-encouragement using Taiwanese rock band Sodagreen’s Once In A Lifetime lyrics.

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