Elva Hsiao encourages ex-beau Kai Ko

Harlem Yu, Elva Hsiao

Following his arrest on Tuesday night for marijuana use, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has since been serving his 14-day sentence in China. His ex-girlfriend, Elva Hsiao, who is reportedly dating Elroy Cheo at the moment, left encouraging messages on Weibo and Instagram for both Kai and Jaycee Chan, who was found in possession of marijuana.

“Don’t you dare give up, you understand? One mistake won’t erase all the good in you. We are all waiting for your return. It may be tough but very soon, you will be safe,” she wrote.

Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu also expressed worry for his “godson” Kai. The celebrity, who is good friends with Kai’s father, posted on Weibo: “I haven’t been sleeping well for the past two days, not sure if it’s the time lag or my foul mood. What is done wrong is already wrong, ignore the views of the world. Just make sure you are able to face yourself and your family in future.”

Fellow actor Eddie Peng also hopes for people to give the 23-year-old a second chance, “He is a talented actor and a polite kid. It is a pity that this incident caused worry for his family and fans. But he has already apologised and I believe he will not disappoint if everyone gives him a second chance.”

However, Mandopop dance king Show Luo condemned Kai for his mistake: “As a public figure, you have to be a role model. I will not contact anyone who does drugs.”

The music label of singer-actor Alan Ko also clarified on reports that initially mistook Kai for the son of Taiwanese director Blackie Ko, “Netizens from Mainland are spreading incorrect rumours. Although it is ridiculous, just get your facts right.”

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Elva Hsiao

Elva Hsiao’s encouraging message for Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan

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