Eason Chan: I’m not retiring

Eason Chan

Recently, rumours of Hong Kong singer Eason Chan’s intention to quit singing in the next two years shocked fans all over the world.

When the 40-year-old returned to Hong Kong from a London vacation with his family yesterday, reporters swarmed Eason at the airport to ask if the retirement rumours were true.

The singer clarified: “[I’m] just going to slow things down. (Is he not going to sing anymore?) No, why would [I] not sing, [I’m] just going to spread my work out [so that I] can produce better things!”

“Why would I quit? I will continue to work; I’ve never said those words. (Retirement?) Why would I talk about retirement; I’ve never done that. [I] just wish to slow down a little,” he added.

Isn’t an album a year slow enough for him? Eason expressed that the problem did not lie with his albums, but his concert schedule: “That’s why I’m going to stop [doing concerts] temporarily after these two years. I haven’t had a break since 2007, [and I] want to rest for a bit.”

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