Did Elroy Cheo spend the night at Elva Hsiao’s place?

Elva Hsiao

Following rumours of Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao and rumoured beau Elroy Cheo semi-cohabitating, new word has been going around that Elroy recently spent the night at her place when he was spotted by sharp-eyed fans wearing the same shirt that Elva had previously worn.

Last Friday, the two attended the opening of Playhouse restaurant which Elva’s manager had invested in. Elroy wore a Givenchy T-shirt to the event and Elva had the exact same piece too.

Netizens speculated, “He must have spent the night at her house and had no (presentable) clothes to wear in the morning, so he wore hers.”

Elva’s manager refuted the rumours, then clarified that she had bought the shirt a year ago and Elroy, being a fashionista, must have bought himself one too.

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