David Tao rumoured to be getting married

David Tao

Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao is rumoured to be tying the knot this July on an island and holding his wedding dinner in Taipei, after veteran host Wang Zu Shou revealed the news yesterday on UFO Radio (Taiwanese radio) programme.

When pressed for more information, the host only replied: “For more information, please ask David Tao himself.”

During a press conference for his album last June, 44-year-old David had expressed his desire to get married this year, but did not reveal who his potential marriage partner is. However, he was caught texting a girl named Penny earlier, and even called her “baby”, sparking speculations that this may be his girlfriend.

A source notified reporters yesterday that David’s fiancée is the daughter of the owner of a particular hardware company, and that David had recently sent wedding cakes to his family and friends, thus triggering the speculation that the couple must have been dating for at least a year.

When reporters spoke to a media representative of the wedding cake shop, he said that the company does not know about the matter, and nor has any employee seen David choosing the cake. Similarly, owners of the hardware company denied being related to “Penny”, when reporters showed them her picture.

David’s manager did not pick up reporters’ calls as of press time, while his stylist said that he did not know anything.

Although David’s mother, Wong Fook Yung, a Peking opera actress, responded in a phone interview that she, too, did not know anything about his marriage plans, she did not deny the claims completely.

David has always preferred to keep a low profile on his relationships. He was said to have married – and subsequently divorced – model Jian Baoshan, but he had never admitted to their relationship.

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