David Tao holds secret wedding in the Philippines?

David Tao

Taiwan-based singer David Tao and his 28-year-old girlfriend Penny (Jiang Pei Rong) recently announced that they will be holding their wedding banquet at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei on 31 August. However, it was reported yesterday that David and Penny have already held a mini wedding party in the Philippines.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the party was held to cater to the younger guests. As David, 45, is Christian and grew up overseas, the commencement of the seventh lunar month on Sunday did nothing to faze him, and he went ahead with his plans to hold his wedding in the Philippines.

The couple purportedly invited a small number of close family and friends to the event, and was extremely secretive about the whole affair. Reports claim that since they have already made the trip, David and Penny also plan to have their wedding photo-shoot there, and will share the photos and video with the guests during the Taipei wedding on August 31.

When reporters called David’s manager for confirmation yesterday, her first reaction was: “There’s no [such thing]!”

As for the reason why David is making his marriage such a low-key affair, she replied, “[We’re] still trying to keep to the schedule. For now, there are no [wedding] pictures; [we] haven’t even printed the invitations. Don’t worry; there’ll be good news for everyone soon.”

However, she did not deny claims that the singer and Penny would be having their wedding shoot in the Philippines, merely responding “I’m just working.”

Reporters also headed to the hardware store belonging to Penny’s parents in a bid to seek confirmation from them, but only managed to find her brother, who was attending to customers in the shop.

Usually, Penny’s family members would deny their identities when approached by the media, but her brother let slip his identity – and his sister’s wedding plans – when he was asked if Penny was really having her wedding photo-shoot in the Philippines: “I don’t know, [I] only know it’s overseas.”

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