David Tao and girlfriend Penny to wed this year

Penny, David Tao

Taiwanese singer David Tao, 45 and girlfriend Penny will tie the knot this year. The singer’s mother was spotted at a fabric market and is rumoured to be making David’s outfit for the marriage.

Reporters paid a visit to Dongshun Hardware store that 28-year-old Penny’s father owns, where he initially denied their father-daughter relationship in a bid to protect her privacy. However, he eventually relented when asked about the marriage and said, “I don’t know, I have to go for a meeting.”

Penny’s father remained mysterious when probed if his daughter was pregnant, but indicated the couple was already engaged. He also revealed their honeymoon plans in an island resort.

The soon-to-be father-in-law was full of praises for David and gave him “full marks” after he found out the 45-year-old is a well-known celebrity. He was quick to defend the singer when rumours of David’s past marriages were mentioned.

As to whether the two who have been dating for over two years were living together, he responded, “They go to each other’s’ houses,” unintentionally revealing their partial-cohabitation.

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