Daniel Wu will not leave showbiz

Daniel Wu

Hong Kong American actor Daniel Wu has stepped forward to clear the air about previous rumours that he will be leaving showbiz. Earlier this May, the filial son returned to the U.S. with his wife, Lisa and daughter, Raven presumably to spend time with his mother after she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The father of one not only gave up his talent management agency Revolution, he also stopped attending promotional activities of the movies he had starred in.

However, his mother passed away shortly after in late May. After holding her funeral in the U.S., Daniel has not returned to Hong Kong since.

He had reportedly planned for one-year-old Raven to receive education in the U.S., and was said to be leaving the entertainment industry to keep his 80-year-old father company.

Yesterday, the 39-year-old dispelled all related rumours through Weibo: “Thank you all for your concern towards what happened to my family earlier, everything is back on track now. I hereby wish to correct previous mistakes made in some media reports. I love acting and directing, and have never thought of leaving the industry. I will continue to work hard, thank you for all your support!”

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