Daniel Wu leaves the entertainment industry

Daniel Wu

Hong Kong-American actor Daniel Wu has announced that he will be leaving the entertainment industry for the time being and closing down his management agency at the end of the month.

The 39-year-old has always had a knack for making money – other than his acting and directorial projects, he also invested in a sushi shop and started Revolution Talent Management Ltd with entertainment magnate, Peter Lam, in 2008. The business partners drummed up the company’s reputation by inviting renowned artistes such as Jun Kung, Terence Yin, 24HERBS, Andrew Lin, Ken Wong and Michael Wong to join them.

Determined to excel in all areas of the industry, Daniel also invested in a film company, Diversion Pictures, with actor Stephen Fung.

However, Daniel’s 77-year-old mother recently contracted a serious illness. As a filial child, he put a stop to all his work and flew to America – along with his wife, Lisa S., and daughter Raven Wu – to be with his mother.

After much thought, Daniel has decided to place his family first in the future. In order not to drag down the careers of the artistes who are signed to his management agency, Daniel and Peter Lam have decided to shut down the business at the end of this month.

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Daniel Wu

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