Daniel Chan welcomes his daughter

Daniel Chan

Hong Kong singer-actor Daniel Chan became the proud father of a baby girl on Saturday.

Earlier, Daniel, 38, had stopped all his work commitments in order to stay in Taiwan with his wife, Wang Yuxian, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first child.

At around 3pm on Saturday, he shared news of his daughter’s arrival on his Weibo account, proudly posting a picture of him holding her tiny foot.

His joy at becoming a father radiated through his words: “I’m very happy that my daughter was born today. [She weighs] 3245g [and is] 51cm [tall]. Both mother and daughter are well – the older one was very brave and strong, [and] the younger one is very cute [and] obedient. My first day as a father feels especially real; [it’s] a kind of happiness that’s hard to describe. Thank you for all your concern, and I send my greatest respects to all the mothers in the world. Thank you. [I’m] grateful. From Xiao Dong (Daniel).”

According to Taiwanese reports, the singer accompanied Yuxian, 26, to the hospital on Friday to prepare her for going into labour, and reportedly never left the hospital even once. While his wife was giving birth, he stayed by her side through the whole process, documenting his daughter’s birth.

Medical personnel revealed that the birthing process was incredibly smooth. Initially, the doctor had expected the baby to arrive after half an hour, but Yuxian managed to give birth in five minutes, with support from her husband and help from the nurses.

After experiencing the process of giving birth, Daniel praised his wife for being very brave and optimistic. According to him, she did not shed a single tear or scream, which caused him to develop a newfound respect for all the mothers in the world.

He recounted, “She suffered a lot from pregnancy to childbirth, [as] she was always puking. However, she was also very brave, insisting on going through natural birth right till the end. She was so optimistic that before she entered the delivery room, she was still joking about wanting to give birth fast so that the baby could come earlier.”

When the reporter asked him if he cried or was terrified while recording the birthing process, Daniel laughingly replied, “At these times, the man should keep calm instead of crying and sniffling – [I] must give [my] wife confidence.” He also added that the couple has yet to decide the baby’s name. They will be making their decision after consulting a fortune teller.

So, does the baby look like her father or mother?

Daniel grinned: “I think she looks like my wife, but my wife says she looks like me. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

If the words of Yuxian’s doctor are to be believed, the couple’s daughter is bound to grow up well regardless of who she looks like more.

The doctor revealed that the baby has large round eyes with double eyelids, and a tall height. Hence, he anticipates that she will grow up to become a leggy, doe-eyed beauty.

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