Daniel Chan stops work to accompany his pregnant wife

Daniel Chan

Hong Kong singer-actor Daniel Chan has set aside work to accompany his wife Wang Yuxian, a Taiwanese nurse 12 years his junior, who is expected to give birth anytime now.

After successfully obtaining a long-stay permit recently, Daniel has been staying in Taiwan where he gets to enjoy his wife’s cooking.

While speaking to reporters, the father-to-be let on that the 1.71-metre tall Yuxian has gained more than 10kg (from 51kg to over 66kg) during her pregnancy. Worried that she would not regain her pre-pregnancy figure, Yuxian has allegedly rejected plans for a second child at the moment.

The 38-year-old also added that he respects his wife’s decision to deliver naturally, instead of choosing an “auspicious date” to give birth via caesarean section.

Complimenting his wife on her obedience and simplemindedness, Daniel revealed that the couple has never had an argument since they started dating.

When asked to comment on their shotgun marriage in February, the singer replied: “Actually, I am okay with not having kids. Meeting the right person is more important. If I don’t meet the right person, I might not even get married.”

Daniel Chan

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