Daniel Chan posts adorable photos of his daughter

Daniel Chan

Hong Kong actor Daniel Chan’s newborn daughter turned one month old yesterday, and he uploaded a family photo along with cute pictures of the baby for the very first time.

Daniel, 38, turned full-time doting father even before his daughter was born, setting aside his work to accompany his wife, Taiwanese nurse Wang Yuxian, as she awaited the birth of their child.The little bundle of joy arrived on July 5.

In order to commemorate her one month birthday yesterday, Daniel posted pictures of his family and the baby onto Weibo.

In the pictures, the sleeping baby was seen with a pointy chin, double eyelids that are exactly like her father’s, delicate features and inherited her mother’s fair skin.

Daniel even said hello to fans in his daughter’s stead: “Hi big brothers and sisters, this is [my] first time here. My pet name is Duo Duo, my English name is Kathelyn, [and] my Chinese name is Chen Zhi Lin. I just turned a month old.”

“My daddy gave me my English name; my Chinese name was decided by my mother and grandmother, after my daddy lost at voting,” he added comically.

The proud father also revealed the story behind his new song: “I liked listening to music from the moment I was born. Whenever my daddy plays music for me I feel like singing along, but [my singing] somehow becomes cries and screams. My daddy can’t deal with me, so he added my voice into his new album. I sang the song ‘Shining Girl’ with him, [and] it was recorded into the album.”

At the same time, Daniel also expressed his thoughts about the recent disasters that have happened: “[I] hope that there will be no disasters on this earth, [and] that the victims of the Yunnan earthquake and Kaohsiung gas explosions can recover from this quickly, so that everyone can grow happily and healthily.”

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Daniel Chan

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