Cyndi Wang no longer affected by “third party” label

Cyndi Wang

Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang attended the press conference of her new album 10th Cyndi on Wednesday. At the event, a video which showed her good friends such as Vivian Hsu, Angela Chang and Elva Hsiao expressing their well wishes was played.

When Cyndi and Yao Yuan Hao’s relationship was exposed in 2011, the former was labelled as the third party for coming between the actor and his then-girlfriend Sonia Sui. Cyndi apparently went through a hard time due to the heavy criticism. Thanks to the support from her girlfriends, she gradually got over the uneasiness of being viewed as a relationship wrecker.

During the press conference, Cyndi also announced that she has renewed her contract with Universal Music for two years and her contract terms included a solo concert at Taipei Arena.

Despite the recent trend of celebrity couples tying the knot recently, the 31-year-old, whose romance with Yuan Hao is going strong, insisted that she is “not in a hurry to get married” as her showbiz career still takes priority at the moment.

Cyndi’s new album featured a series of sexy photos that showed off 10 different parts of her body. When asked on her beau’s response to the pictures, the singer said shyly: “He thinks they are all pretty.”

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