Coco Chiang’s daughter receives a car for her first birthday

Coco Chiang, Dickson Yewn

Chinese model Coco Chiang and her designer husband, Dickson Yewn, threw a party to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday recently.

The couple invited around one hundred friends and family to join in the fun, and many turned up with gifts for the blessed baby girl – one of Dickson’s business partners even shipped a Bentley from Uzbekistan as a present for her.

Although Coco’s buddy, Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai, was unable to attend the event, she gifted the baby with toys and a six-digit red packet. Dickson, 42, jested: “[Our] daughter’s red packets will probably only be able to cancel out the cost of the party.”

The guests were also shown a screening of a special television show, Jiang Yi De Qian 4 Hou 6, which documents Coco’s journey with pregnancy.

After the screening ended, the Coco, 37, sighed, “I once contracted slight post-natal depression after childbirth. [I] never watched this show because I was afraid that it would cause mood swings and make me too sensitive. It is a very precious opportunity, to be able to share the happiness that I felt at that time with my family, friends and production staff, now that my daughter has turned one year old.”

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