Christy Chung’s daughter and Jimmy Lin’s son reunite

Christy Chung

Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin and his four-year-old son Kimi met up with actress Christy Chung and her two daughters, Jaden and Cayla, in Taipei on Wednesday.

The children changed into outfits gifted by Kimi during the gathering and happily posed for pictures. Jimmy later posted the photos on his microblog, drawing attention from fans of Kimi’s Dad, Where Are You Going onscreen “girlfriend” Angela.

“This is a real-life love triangle!” a netizen exclaimed.

Christy, however, jokingly revealed that Kimi and Cayla were friends before Angela came into the picture. After joining another Chinese variety show called First Time in Life with her daughters, the actress has been invited to make several lucrative event appearances.

Nevertheless, both Jimmy and Christy think that the biggest gain they got from the programmes is not monetary or popularity, but that the children have become much more outgoing.

Christy Chung Jimmy Lin Kimi

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