Christine Fan underwent artificial insemination to get pregnant

Christine Fan, Blackie Chen

Celebrity couple Christine Fan and Blackie Chen are finally parents after tying the knot three years ago. They shared the good news on Facebook on Sunday and nicknamed their twins “Big Panda” and “Small Panda”.

Christine revealed through her record label Linfair Records that she only knew of her pregnancy when she went to the hospital for a check-up after slipping in the toilet. The doctor told her she only had an eight-percent chance of conceiving twins at her age of 38, and the singer joked, “The fall was hard, but miraculous.”

It was believed that Christine’s weak body took a toll on her during the pregnancy where she had serious morning sickness and even bled severely during her sixth week. She has since put on three kilograms in order to provide sufficient nutrients for “the pandas”.

However, there were rumours that the couple had undergone artificial insemination to get pregnant, to which Blackie admitted.

He said, “Christine was under great pressure before she got pregnant due to public concern and the fact that her female friends are already expecting. We have worked very hard before succeeding.”

The two wanted to have children before they get older and do not wish to reveal too many details, “we just want to share our joy.”

In addition, Christine will be releasing her new album this year and will proceed with recording as usual, but the exact release date will depend on the mother-to-be’s health.

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Christine Fan, Blackie Chen

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