Christine Fan falls in toilet and injures herself

Christine Fan

Taiwanese singer Christine Fan had to get twenty stitches after she slipped in the toilet and hit her head.

Christine posted pictures of her injury onto Weibo yesterday, and wrote, “Firstly, I must say sorry to those who love me, [because] I fell down again the night before.”

The night before, the 38-year-old had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet when she lost her balance and hit her head, causing the area near her left brow bone to bleed profusely. Her anxious husband, Taiwanese artiste Blackie (Chen Jianzhou), sent her to the hospital to tend to the wound.

Unfortunately, her wound reopened a while later, and she had to return to the hospital to stitch the wound together again. In total, Christine suffered through twenty stitches. The singer self-deprecatingly called herself the “Champion of Falling Down” as she counted the number of times she has tumbled over in the past years, and claimed that she “laughed so much [her] tears wouldn’t stop”.

However, her husband was not as cavalier about the incident. Christine’s injury had caused him a lot of heartache, and he took special care of his “simple-minded and dorky” wife, gently applying medicine onto her wound.

Blackie, 37, later recounted how he had rushed to the toilet and turned on the lights after hearing something hit the floor – only to see Christine’s long hair covered with blood, scaring him out of his wits: “My heart really hurts for this silly woman!”

Due to her injury, Christine’s work schedule will be pushed back for a week so that she can recuperate at home. Yesterday, Blackie also canceled his trip to Hangzhou, China, so that he could be on hand to take care of his wife.

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