Christine Fan conceived naturally

Christine Fan and Blackie Chen

It was a blunder on husband Blackie Chen’s part – he and his wife, Christine Fan, had conceived naturally, contrary to what Blackie had said about undergoing artificial insemination.

Christine had announced her pregnancy on social media on Sunday and there were hearsay that the couple had gone through artificial insemination to conceive twins, to which Blackie had even confirmed.

However, 38-year-old Christine clarified it was “artificial” only because she had consumed ovulation pills and used injections to stimulate ovulation so that her chances of getting pregnant will be increased.

It was said that the singer took her first injection in May before injecting Blackie’s semen into her, but she failed to conceive.

Christine then underwent the process a second time in June, receiving more than 10 injections, before the doctor confirmed the presence of eggs and encouraged the couple to give it another try, and she successfully conceived.

The doctor explained that artificial insemination is the process whereby the sperm of the male is selected and injected into the oviduct where the eggs travel along. Although Christine ovulated with the help of medicine, it is still considered a natural process.

Christine Fan and Blackie Chen

In addition, Blackie’s grandmother was overjoyed when she heard that her grand-daughter-in-law is pregnant. His brother already has children, so the elder always told Blackie, “My greatest wish is to see you have children.”

The loving husband also revealed he will travel to “as far as Kaohsiung to buy whatever my wife craves for.”

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