Cecilia Cheung’s sons dress up as firemen

Cecilia Cheung, Lucas Tse, Quintus Tse

Last week, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung flew to Shanghai for a commercial shoot with her two sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse. During her free time, Cecilia brought her two boys, aged 6 and 4, to an edutainment centre called Eday Town, where they got to role-play various occupations.

After photos of the boys wearing firemen uniform were published on the centre’s official Weibo, netizens commented that Lucas and Quintus resembled their father Nicholas Tse, who previously acted as a firefighter in As the Light Goes Out.

Additionally, Lucas and Quintus were said to be especially attracted to the firefighting water gun as they kept playing around with it.

Cecilia also reportedly met up with her good friend, beauty bigwig Monita Cheng, in Shanghai. In a microblog post after the gathering, Monita sang praises of the boys, saying, “Lucas and Quintus have grown up and are very obedient. [Their] mummy is so noble. It’s been tough on you!”

Cecilia Cheung, Lucas Tse, Quintus Tse

Nicholas Tse

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