Cecilia Cheung: Nicholas Tse is not worth loving

Cecilia Cheung, Lucas Tse, Quintus Tse

Hong Kong celebrity couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse went separate ways in 2011 and their sons Lucas Tse, 7, and Quintus Tse, 4, have been living with their mother since then.

Lately, it was revealed on Cecilia’s Weibo by a netizen that Nicholas chooses work and social life over spending time with Lucas and Quintus even though Cecilia does not object to his visits.

Cecilia feels that children from a broken family should be showered with even more love, but she has given up on Nicholas and said, “A man like this is not worth loving.”

Last Saturday, her ex-manager, Tiffany Chen, received a call from the actress who cried and told her she felt her sons were deprived of their father’s love.

“I talked to Cecilia and she wept. I asked if it was because she still had feelings for Nicholas, she said no and shared it was because she felt sad for her sons. Their father does not care about them and they rarely met this year. She told him he was always welcome to visit but he finds excuses with work and do not spend time with them,” Tiffany shared.

Following reports of Nicholas and former lover Faye Wong’s reconciliation, Tiffany also shared on Weibo: “Their reconciliation does not concern me, but all of a sudden, I feel so sad for Cecilia and her sons”.

Cecilia was reportedly hospitalised recently due to acute gastroenteritis while filming reality show Star To My House and was suspected to be due to the shock of the reconciliation news.

As for Nicholas, he attended activities as scheduled but did not respond to those speculations. He was spotted wearing a Buddhist beaded bracelet which he previously claimed was “from a friend” but netizens guessed it was from Faye, who is a Buddhist.

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