Carol Chu expecting a second child with Andy Lau?

Andy Lau, Carol Chu

Hong Kong veteran singer-actor Andy Lau might be welcoming his second child very soon.

Andy’s 48-year-old wife, Carol Chu, was recently spotted paying her respects to deities at a temple, and her larger figure fueled rumours that she is once again pregnant.

Sharp-eyed netizens noted her thicker waist and slight tummy bulge. Her bodyguards were also holding vitamins and DHA, common supplements for pregnant ladies.

Also, rumour has it that Carol has been to see a fertility specialist for artificial insemination. Not long after that, she was witnessed secretly visiting a TCM clinic to improve her body condition, and at a temple praying for a son.

52-year-old Andy saw the arrival of his daughter, Hanna Lau, in 2012. He has been working hard to be a “good father” since the birth of his daughter, but he has always wished to have a son as well.

Andy recently  returned to Hong Kong to celebrate Hanna’s 2nd birthday – while still clad in his filming costume – and personally baked a cake for her.

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