Can Jackie Chan save his son from jail?

Jackie Chan

Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan continue to hog headlines even after a month after being busted for smoking marijuana. Kai was released from detention after a two-week stint but Jaycee remains in detention even after 31 days.

After getting arrested on August 14, marijuana was uncovered at Jaycee’s home and he admitted to providing a location for others to smoke it. He has also admitted to smoking marijuana for the past eight years.

Although no official word has been given on Jaycee’s situation, insiders say that he is likely to be sentenced mid-September and will likely face a jail term.

His parents, superstar Jackie Chan and Lin Feng Jiao are reportedly trying all means to get their son acquitted. Jaycee faces a maximum imprisonment of three years if convicted of his crimes.

The worried parents have only been able to speak to their son through their lawyer, the latter whom has met Jaycee thrice. He shared that Jaycee is facing the consequences with a calm heart and has asked after both his parents and Kai.

The parents have explained that they will respect the final decision made by the courts but are unable to give up on their son. They are said to have been anxiously holding meetings with lawyers in Beijing to build a case for Jaycee.

An insider revealed that despite their best efforts, the two may be facing an uphill task as China has announced war against corruption and drug-related offences this year. Jackie has since returned to his busy schedule but has avoided all questions pertaining to his son.

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