By2 called out for undergoing several plastic surgeries


A recent photo of singing girl group By2, uploaded on Facebook, sparked off heated debate amongst netizens who believe that the two girls underwent multiple plastic surgery procedures over the past few years.

At the event launch of their personal fashion label, Double Trouble, last week, younger sister Yumi was called out for having a distinctively sharper nose.

According to Taiwan media reports, Miko and Yumi debuted with adorable and youthful images back in 2008, when they were 16 years old, but the two Singaporean sisters are said to have sharper jawlines and nose bridges now. Due to the change in appearances, the twin sisters were accused of going under the knife, and netizens criticised them for looking like “transvestites”.

However, both Miko and Yumi, 22, have only admitted to fixing their teeth, in response to rumours of them undergoing plastic surgery.

Although some netizens like their “bigger eyes” and “sharper features,” some said the sisters are “becoming scarier” and “look like Thais.”

One such netizen said: “They have become so unnatural. I used to like them very much, but not anymore after they have undergone plastic surgery. They won’t even admit to doing plastic surgery.”

Other fans still support them, saying: “The sisters are the best! They have been working very hard since their debut.”


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