Brigitte Lin’s husband gifts her with $1.8 billion palace

Brigitte Lin, Michael Ying

Former Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin’s (Lin Ching Hsia) tycoon husband, Michael Ying, is building a “palace” worth HK$11 billion (approximately S$1.8 billion) for her 60th birthday present.

The 59-year-old quit the entertainment industry in 1994 when she married Michael, the chairman of Esprit Holdings. The couple has two daughters, and the family – along with Michael’s daughter from a previous marriage – live happily in a mansion at Kowloon Peak, Hong Kong.

Brigitte was content to stay at home for her husband and kids after her marriage. In 2010, Michael left his administrative duties at Esprit, having sold his stocks to earn more than HK$200 billion (approximately S$32 billion); it is estimated that at that time, Michael had a fortune of HK$300 billion (approximately S$48 billion).

Although rumours of discordance in their marriage have spread frequently throughout the years, Michael’s actions debunked rumours when he spent HK$1.3 billion (approximately S$20 million) to buy a 50,000 square feet stretch of land at the bottom of Kowloon Peak in 2006 and  put down another HK$6 billion (approximately S$1 billion) to build a mansion there, planning to gift it to his beloved wife as a present for their 20th wedding anniversary.

Although construction work did not manage to end before the couple’s wedding anniversary in June, the family is expected to move in before Brigitte’s birthday in November.

The “palace” consists of a 30,000 square feet garden and a 20,000 square feet mansion which is three stories tall. The mansion is split into two buildings of 6,000 square feet in size each. The basement contains an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a 1,000 square feet multi-function room, and four walk-in wardrobes for the mistresses of the manor.

The first floor of the manor consists of the dining room, guest rooms and gym, while the living area is further behind. Just the dining room alone is more than 4,000 square feet big, while the living area spans 1,000 square feet. There are also entertainment facilities, a library and five suite rooms – among which the master bedroom takes up a whopping 1,500 square feet.

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