Bosco Wong wants Vanessa Yeung to return his car

Bosco Wong, Vanessa Yeung

Celebrity couple Bosco Wong and Vanessa Yeung has caused quite a stir when their relationship broke earlier this month, and garnered even more media attention when they are said to have broken up, just three months into the relationship.

Although she has maintained her stance that she loves Bosco, after her former affairs were made public, she became widely known as a “gold-digger”, and has always requested for bags, cars, credit cards and branded things from her boyfriend.

Rumours spread that Vanessa had asked Bosco to buy an apartment after dating for one month. A source revealed: “Bosco was very busy filming, and Vanessa wanted to spend more time together, so she suggested that they live together. She brought him to Hong Kong island (Southern part of Hong Kong) to view the apartments, and said that there’s a high level of privacy there so they won’t be caught by paparazzi. She even said they can buy it together as an investment.”

The madly-in-love Bosco then told his mother that he wanted to get an apartment. This raised her suspicions, and coupled with the fact that Vanessa is five years older than her son, she was displeased and refused to give him money for the apartment.

His good friends in showbiz such as Hong Kong actors Michael Mik and Jaime Chik were not supportive of the relationship, having heard of Vanessa’s character, and advised him to look at it rationally.

Another source said: “Vanessa has always told everyone that she is born in 1976, and even Bosco was fooled – she’s actually born in 1972, and is 42 this year! They quarreled because of this, and with all the added negative news about her, Bosco became convinced that she is deceiving him, so he wanted to break up with her, and even told her to return her the car he gave her.”

Vanessa wanted to save the relationship, but her efforts were in vain. There were even rumours that she had refused to return the car initially, and asked to keep it as a “break-up fee”, but ultimately still returned it.

She has also recently requested to take a break to recuperate from her break-up and all the negative media reports.

When Bosco arrived for an event a few days ago, he did not officially announce that they have broken up, but admitted that Vanessa had returned him the car. He said: “There’s been so much trouble just because of a car, it’s normal to return a car after borrowing it.”

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