Bosco Wong dismisses new romance rumours

Sun Xiaoxiao, Bosco Wong

At the gala premiere of his new movie Golden Brother on Monday, Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong was joined by his mother and new rumoured girlfriend Chinese actress Sun Xiaoxiao. When probed on their relationship status, the 33-year-old insisted that the actress is his “godsister”.

“She is my mum’s goddaughter, which makes her my godsister. You know, there are some platonic relationships which will never progress to another stage,” he asserted. “Little sister has just signed a new contract and will be developing her career in Hong Kong. [I brought her along] just to build some connections.”

Bosco and Xiaoxiao first collaborated on Chinese period drama Young Sherlock last year.

While speaking to the media, Bosco shared that Xiaoxiao and his mum hit it off as they are both devout Buddhists. Sources further revealed that the 29-year-old actress is very good at making Bosco’s mother happy and that the two are also following each other on Weibo.

“In any case, [our relationship] is not like what everyone is thinking!” the actor reiterated, even asking his godsister to introduce girls to him. 

Sun Xiaoxiao, Bosco Wong

Sun Xiaoxiao, Bosco Wong

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