Bosco Wong defends Myolie Wu after she gets flak online

Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu

As a joke, Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu posted up a photo of herself hugging a man on Weibo last week and announced that she has “found Mr Right”. It created plenty of buzz online when netizens realised that the man in question is TVB actor Johnson Lee.

To everyone’s surprise, she recently admitted that the man is indeed Johnson, but also commented: “Sorry, you have been tricked!” This raised the ire of netizens who started accusing her of deliberately creating news and tricking everyone.

In response, Myolie quickly explained that she meant she had found a group of good friends whom she can share woe or weal with. “Johnson said I’m too serious, and should play a joke once in a while,” she added. “But I promise I won’t trick you guys again!”

There were even earlier rumours that Johnson had been wooing Myolie for three months, and an insider source revealed that this trick was planned by Johnson, who wanted to use her name to generate buzz for his new show Spicy King, but didn’t realise the consequences.

After receiving so much criticism, Myolie has been constantly apologizing to netizens, and promised to announce a press conference with her boyfriend when she is really dating.

Her ex-boyfriend, Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong, who was also recently in media spotlight for his relationship with Vanessa Yeung, felt bad for her current predicament and defended her when queried by reporters. He said that he did not believe the rumours initially when they spread, and added that the trick must be Johnson’s idea entirely.

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