Barbie Hsu shows off sweet mother-daughter photos

Barbie Hsu

After Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu gave birth to her first child – a baby girl – two weeks ago, both mother and child have been cast in the media spotlight, so much so that Barbie even received billion dollar endorsement deals.

Yesterday, she posted photos of her and her daughter gazing into each other’s eyes on Weibo, a sweet scene that got netizens cooing over, and also revealed that she has named the little girl Wang Xiyue after discussing with her husband Wang Xiaofei.

The Chinese character ‘Yue’ is a type of pearl in the ancient times, and the name probably implies that the couple saw their little girl as a treasure.

The name also sounded close to Barbie’s Chinese name ‘Xu Xiyuan’, sparking animated discussion among netizens on how it is a combination of the couple’s names.

The blissful mother even had a ‘conversation’ with her daughter on Weibo. She posted: “Little Yue: Mummy I love you. Me: Little Yue Mummy loves you more.” This show of mother-daughter affection seems to be an advance celebration of her first mother’s day.

Her husband also recently posted photos of himself helping his daughter to burp on Weibo, and the happy father even revealed that doing that makes his day every day.

But his technique was corrected by some netizens, who commented that as a newborn baby’s neck and spine are still very soft, she needs to lean on an adult’s shoulder before burping. Some even called on the new father “not to torture his poor daughter anymore.”

Barbie Hsu

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