Barbie Hsu declares love for baby girl

Barbie Hsu

Since Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu gave birth to a baby girl last month, she has been happily posting sweet mother-daughter photos online that got netizens going awww.

As it was May 20 two days ago, which when spoken sounds like ‘I love you’ in Mandarin, a day of love confessions, Barbie posted a photo of herself and her daughter Wang Xiyue lying in bed with the caption: “A mother’s love is strong, and is made of sugared glass. 520, Mum, I love you.”

Barbie, dressed in pajamas with barely any make-up on, appeared dreamy-eyed in the photo, while Xiyue was dressed in yellow and still fast asleep.

Netizens expressed their envy at her photo, and commented: “What a blessed Mummy, so openly declaring her love for her girl!”

But some sharp-eyed netizens noticed her pale face and said in jest: “Look, your face is now yellow (a play on the Chinese term ‘Huang Lian Po’ which means plain old housewife), take care and just focus on your confinement!”

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