Ayumi Hamasaki ties the knot again

Ayumi Hamasaki

J-pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki announced two days ago that she has remarried, and this time, her husband is an American 10 years her junior, from a medical graduate school.

The couple dated for half a year before getting engaged at the end of last year and Ayumi, 36, stressed that she is not pregnant.

In conjunction with Hinamatsuri (also known as Girls’ Day), a traditional festival celebrated in Japan, Ayumi declared online that she is “just married”. They registered for their marriage in Los Angeles in February, and submitted their Japanese marriage application on Monday.

Flash marriages are not uncommon when it comes to Ayumi. In 2011, she married an Austrian male model two years a junior just after dating for four months.

Her fans have showered her with lots of blessings at the news, but as her engagement announcement last year coincided with the release of her single, some netizens felt that this time, it may be a deliberate attempt on her part to gain attention. Some even commented: “Is she releasing an album this time?”

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