Aya shares photos from maternity photoshoot


Taiwanese host Aya (Liu Hanya), who is eight-months pregnant, recently went for a maternity photoshoot, where she showed off her huge baby bump. While speaking to the media, the mum-to-be said that the pictures are meant to be a present for her baby daughter and herself.

Currently in the United States to prepare for childbirth, Aya has designed a “natural birth project” which she would request the hospital to execute. Part of her plans include playing relaxing music during her delivery and preparing ginger water to clean her body after giving birth. Aya’s mum will also be flying to America to help out during the artiste’s confinement period.

When asked on her condition, the 35-year-old shared that she “finally understands how tough it is to be a mother” and that she is “focused on welcoming the arrival of her baby”.

“Giving birth is a procedure, but being a good mother is a lifetime process. I hope that my baby and all the babies in the world will grow up healthily and happily,” she added. “This is probably what all mothers wish for.” 

As Aya is a long-time vegetarian, she heeded the advice of her nutritionist to consume dairy products such as milk, eggs and cheese instead of meat, to provide her unborn baby with necessary nutrients.

Additionally, Aya will reportedly be registering her marriage with her 45-year-old American-Chinese boyfriend Tony after their child is born.


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