Aya shares funny photo of her pregnant belly


Taiwanese artiste Aya (Liu Hanya) uploaded a quirky photo of her pregnant stomach onto Weibo on Sunday.

The 35-year-old was wearing a red wig in the photo, and had drawn a comical expression on her tummy.

Aya also shared her thoughts about becoming a mother: “Everything is fine, it’s just that the line in the middle of my stomach is getting darker and darker, [and my] armpits are darkening as well. [I guess] this is a small sacrifice for becoming a mother! [I] heard that the colour will lighten slowly after [I] give birth.”

After that, netizens left comments to assuage her worries, telling her that her skin colour will recover when she gives birth. They also hope that she will take a few photos after giving birth, so that they can see if her skin really gets lighter.

Aya is entering her 8th month of pregnancy, and is currently awaiting childbirth in America.

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