Aya gives birth to baby girl in United States


Yesterday, Taiwanese host Aya (Liu Hanya) announced the arrival of her baby daughter Ava on her microblog. According to media reports, the 35-year-old gave birth naturally on Jun 28 in the United States.

Aya wrote: “Our precious baby Ava has arrived! Did you guess correctly? It’s a girl! My husband and I have also registered our marriage in the US.”

As the couple enjoys being low profile, they will not be holding a wedding. Though Aya previously had no intentions in getting married, she decided to tie the knot so as to give her child a “complete family”.

Aya’s mother is currently in the US to help out during the actress-host’s confinement period. Despite being exhausted from the lack of sleep, Aya is insistent about breastfeeding her baby.

Meanwhile, Aya’s husband, American-Chinese businessman Tony, has also been carrying out daddy duties such as changing diapers and bathing the newborn. However, he still refused to reveal his face to the public.

Aya and Tony met each other when the former went to the States to further her studies in 2006. Although the couple once broke up due to the long-distance relationship, they eventually reunited and dated for seven years, before Aya was revealed to be pregnant in January this year.

Aya, who is expected to return to Taiwan with her daughter at the end of the year, does not have plans for a second child at the moment.



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