Are Elva Hsiao and Kai Ko close to breaking up?

Elva Hsiao, Kai Ko

Taiwanese Mandopop diva Elva Hsiao and her younger Taiwanese-actor beau Kai Ko, are said to have parted ways as they have not met for nearly a month.

The May-December romance, which has a 12-year age gap, was said to have begun in 2012, and Elva only admitted to their relationship last year. Throughout the two years, their relationship were said to be on the rocks several times, as they were seen quarrelling on the streets last year, and Kai was even said to have started an affair with a fashion boutique owner.

Due to their busy work schedules, word spread that they have not met for a month, though both were in Taiwan. Elva was not present at Kai’s family vacation at the Pescadores last month, unlike a previous occasion in February when she joined their Bali holiday. All these sparked rumours that their relationship has entered a shaky stage again.

An insider revealed that Elva appeared to be out of sorts when she recorded her song ‘Gan Shang’ (Dare to Hurt) recently, and only managed a decent recording after six attempts.

The lyrics also appeared to verbalise her feelings, as there were a few lines that went: “Why do you not dare to hurt when you have the courage to love; your sweet nothings are coupled with lies… It’s after so much agony and tears that you ask if I’m okay.”

In response to the rumours, Elva’s management said: “Elva has always put in a lot of effort into her recording, and it has nothing to do with personal issues.”

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