Annie Yi declares her love for Qin Hao on Weibo

Annie Yi, Qin Hao

Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Annie Yi touched the hearts of many when she posted a long declaration of love for her actor boyfriend, Qin Hao, on Weibo.

Recently, Qin Hao celebrated his 35th birthday, and Annie congratulated her boyfriend through the social networking site.

In the post, Annie poked fun at Qin Hao’s weird habits: “Before you met me, you went out to sing every night, but the auntie who cleans at your house said that you hardly go out after we met… I once asked you, why did you go out to play every night in the past? You said it was because there was no one at home. I asked, why don’t you go anymore? You looked at me out of the corner of your eye, as if I was a fool, and said that you no longer [go out to] play because there’s someone at home now.”

The 45-year-old added jokingly, “You don’t like to talk and laugh; that bland expression of yours is really very strange to someone as expressive as I am. I always suspect that something is bothering you, but you merely yawn and say that it has nothing to do with your heart; you were born to look like this.”

Annie also praised Qin Hao for “looking like someone who would be violent towards girls, but actually being really responsible, allowing [her], the most insecure person in the world, to be able to feel safe and hopeful.”

She revealed that Qin Hao had been very adamant about bringing her home and gaining his family’s acceptance, causing her to decide to “love [him] freely without any burdens”.

After the post was uploaded onto her Weibo, many netizens were touched by her words, leaving messages of blessing for the couple. They also speculated that wedding bells might be ringing for the loving couple very soon.

Qin Hao was quick to reply to his girlfriend’s declaration of love: “Mr. Qin is very touched. This is a very happy birthday, and the kind of life that I want.”

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Annie Yi, Qin Hao

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