Anita Yuen tears up at Julian Cheung’s concert

Anita Yuen, Julian Cheung

Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen had thousands of people squealing in envy during her special appearance at her husband, Julian Cheung’s (Chilam) concert the day before.

The 42-year-old had married Julian, 42, in 2001, and the couple has a son named Morton Cheung. Last  year, Julian shot to fame once again with a successful turn as “Captain Cool” in TVB drama Triumph in the Skies II, and is currently kept busy with his concert, CHILAM CRAZY HOURS LIVE 2014.

That night, the actress made her appearance by rising up on a platform in the centre of the stage, crooning her idol, deceased diva Anita Mui’s classic song,  ‘Meng Ban (Dream Partner)’.

Following that, she made a surprise apology to her husband for being away from home for the past two months, having dedicated all her time to filming at Qingdao, China.

When Anita returned after completing her work, she found her home in an orderly condition, and her family members well taken care of – her mother looked to be in the pink of health, while Morton had gained weight.

However, she was shocked to see that Julian had slimmed down considerably. She rushed forward to give her husband a hug, but received no response as Julian had already fallen asleep due to fatigue.

Anita’s tears fell as she recounted: “I only smelled the scent of medicinal oil. In that moment, as I watched this person in deep sleep, I realised that he has been controlling himself all the while, for the sake of his career and family. I told myself again, ‘I did right marrying this person’. In the beginning of our relationship, we were often compared to each other, and he was known as ‘Anita Yuen’s boyfriend’. Now, when people spot me on the streets, they call me ‘Julian Cheung’s wife’.”

“I feel as if I have been waiting for this designation throughout my whole journey. I would like to thank him for always being there for me through all these years; his positive energy and humour; and the warm home that he has given me,” she added.

Touched by her heartfelt words, the audience cheered and clapped in support.

At that moment, Julian entered the stage with a tissue for his wife. When Anita saw her husband, she started crying again: “Thank you, [my] husband!”

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Anita Yuen, Julian Cheung

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