Angelica Lee’s father warns Oxide Pang not to stray again

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

Malaysian actress Angelica Lee has been suffering in the wake of her husband, director Oxide Pang’s affair, and her father, Mr Lee, has stepped up to protect his daughter.

After Oxide was caught kissing and holding hands with Hong Kong singer-actress Liddy Li in public last week, the 49-year-old hastily flew to Malaysia to apologise to his wife and in-laws. Angelica, 38, later expressed through Weibo that she had forgiven Oxide, and the couple will work towards their future together.

In an interview with a Hong Kong magazine, Mr Lee said he immediately rushed to be with his daughter after learning about Oxide’s infidelity. Although there have been reports that Angelica had gone the hospital for an IV drip after trying to take her own life, Mr Lee refuted those claims, stating that she was only there due to abdominal pains.

He also expressed that Oxide has been very good to the Lee family for the past twelve years, and the latter’s affair has pained him.

However, this is not the first time Oxide has strayed, and Mr Lee had warned him not to do it a third time, which Oxide readily agreed to.

As for Liddy, Mr Lee said he felt sorry for the actress, after news broke on Sunday that her father, Li Deren, had shot himself after killing his neighbour – rumour has it that Deren had been provoked to kill after hearing his neighbour talk about Liddy’s affair.

Mr Lee added he hoped that she would be able to pick herself up soon, and also speculated that Liddy might have become a third-party because of her own broken family.

While she used to be a relatively unknown star, the 26-year-old has risen to become a hot topic in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry in the past two weeks. Reports even published her WhatsApp conversation with her friend, in which she confessed that she truly loved Oxide, and had not gotten together with him to boost her fame or destroy Angelica’s family.

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