Angelica Lee was once Oxide Pang’s mistress?

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

In a surprising twist to director Oxide Pang’s infidelity scandal, rumour has it that Malaysian actress Angelica Lee was once the former’s mistress herself.

Earlier, 38-year-old Angelica had chosen to forgive Oxide for his unfaithfulness, and declared that they will “walk through this together”. However, it was reported yesterday that Angelica had only forgiven him because of her own experiences as a “third-party”.

The actress fell in love with Oxide, 49, after collaborating with him in 2002 horror film The Eye. At that time, Oxide was still married to his previous wife, and Angelica’s friend had advised her to think over the relationship carefully, but she was adamant about being with the director.

Oxide’s current mistress, 26-year-old Hong Kong singer-actress Liddy Li, was also revealed to have cheated on her fiancé, whom she has been in a long-term relationship with.

In 2012, Liddy’s boyfriend successfully proposed to her at her birthday party, but the couple have yet to finalise their marriage details. Liddy was also found to be co-habiting with her fiancé during her affair with Oxide.

When the other party found out that he was being cheated on, Liddy repeatedly explained her actions to him. At the same time, she continued to send ambiguous messages and photos to Oxide. Liddy and Oxide are also still following each other on Weibo.

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Oxide Pang, Liddy Li

Oxide Pang and Liddy Li

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