Angelica Lee updates on her well-being

Angelica Lee

In May, director Oxide Pang was caught cheating on his wife, Malaysian actress Angelica Lee, with Hong Kong starlet Liddy Li. After the scandal broke, the couple expressed through a post on Weibo that they will “walk through this together”. Angelica, who chose to forgive her husband’s infidelity, has since kept silent about the issue. 

Nearly two months later, The Eye star finally updated her microblog with a post yesterday. She wrote: “After seven days of meditation, I hope the karma accumulated will be bestowed upon all of you. Amitabha!”

Shortly after, Angelica’s fans flocked to leave encouraging messages on the post. “I wish nothing would hurt such a sweet person like you,” a netizen said.

At the same time, some fans continued “advising” the actress to divorce her philandering husband. “He’s a jerk. He’s not worth it!” exclaimed a Weibo user.

Angelica Lee

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

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