Angelica Lee spotted seeking treatment at hospital

Angelica Lee

Things are not going well for Malaysian actress Angelica Lee. Just days after the 38-year-old learned about husband Oxide Pang’s affair with Hong Kong singer Liddy Li, she was spotted seeking treatment for abdominal problems at a Malaysia hospital.

A netizen claimed that a colleague had spotted the actress at a private hospital yesterday with Oxide and a few close friends, and even posted photos of the couple on Weibo.

In the photo, a weak and run-down-looking Angelica sporting a messy bed of hair, with an intravenous drip catheter inserted into her right arm. Beside her, 49-year-old Oxide wore a bland expression as he kept his eyes fixed on his phone.

Previously, an insider had claimed that Angelica had been deeply hurt by Oxide’s affair, and had not fully forgiven him yet. Rumour has it that she chose to overlook his transgression because she couldn’t stand setting him free to be with his mistress.

The director was subjected to heavy criticism when it was discovered that the director was still following Liddy, 26, on Weibo, with some netizens commenting that “a leopard never changes its spots”. Netizens also threatened to boycott his work.

Two days ago, Angelica and Oxide released a joint message on Weibo that read: “We will face [this] together, we may not know what the future will be, but we will continue to follow our hearts and let time tell us the answer.”

Oxide Pang

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