Angelica Lee heartbroken by Oxide Pang’s lies

Oxide Pang, Angelica Lee

Hong Kong media recently uncovered more dirt on Hong Kong director Oxide Pang’s infidelity. During Valentine’s Day this year, the 49-year-old allegedly brought his mistress, actress-model Liddy Li, to Osaka for an eight-day trip and lied to his wife Angelica Lee that he was going on a work trip.

Sources revealed that Angelica was furious after finding out about her husband’s lies in the papers. “She can tolerate everything else, but she was devastated that Oxide had betrayed her trust,” an insider said. “She became very emotionally stable and cried so much throughout the night that she suffered stomach cramps.”

Although Angelica has always wanted her own children, Oxide had repeatedly used his busy work schedule as an excuse to put off baby-making plans. According to media reports, the director also often rejected his wife’s visits when he went overseas for shoots.

Additionally, the couple stayed in different hotels while they were filming Out of Inferno in Thailand last year, a sign of their dwindling relationship.

Angelica Lee

Oxide Pang

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