Angelica Lee forgives Oxide Pang’s infidelity

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

Malaysian actress Angelica Lee has decided to forgive her husband, director Oxide Pang, for his infidelity.

Yesterday, 38-year-old Angelica and 49-year-old Oxide finally broke their silence about the latter’s affair with Hong Kong starlet Liddy Li, expressing through a post on Weibo that they will “walk through this together”.

The couple uploaded an identical post onto each of their Weibo accounts: “A twelve-year relationship cannot be explained in just a few words. We are finally slowly learning that marriage is not just about a prince and princess getting together and living happily ever after. We sat down and faced all our rights and wrongs, happiness and pain, past and future… Yes, [we’re] definitely very sad now, [but] sadness comes from love. If there is no love, perhaps it would be much easier to deal [with this].”

The message continued: “Just like many other married couples and marriages, [we] meet obstacles [and] experience challenges. [We’re] very sorry for making the people who love us worried and angry, and thank you all for giving us space and concern. We will face [this] together, we may not know what the future will be, but we will continue to follow our hearts and let time tell us the answer. [We’re] thankful!”

However, an insider claimed that Angelica has not forgiven Oxide completely, and the director uploaded another post last night to apologise.

“I was utterly wrong. The mistake that I have made has also caused deep hurt to someone who has always been devoted to me… [I’m] sorry,” he wrote, and promised never to hurt Angelica again.

Netizens have divided feelings on Angelica’s loyalty to her husband. Many have chided her for forgiving him, saying “This is not being noble, but being indulging”, “Don’t let Oxide Pang take advantage of you”, and “When Oxide Pang has an affair again, you can lock yourself at home and cry!”

Additionally, it was reported yesterday that Oxide had begun his affair with Liddy, 26, as early as one year ago. Not only had they been photographed holding hands in January this year, it is speculated that the exposure of their relationship had been deliberately planned by Liddy, so as to raise her profile and snatch Angelica’s position as Oxide’s wife.

The report also claimed that when Liddy was caught in a dispute with her management company earlier, Oxide generously spent HK$1 million (approximately S$160,000) to settle the issue. Rumour also has it that Oxide was the one who landed Liddy a lead role in movie Si Fei last year.

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