Angelica Lee considers divorce

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

The infidelity saga that involves Malaysian actress Angelica Lee’s director husband, Oxide Pang, has seen new developments as she is reportedly considering divorce.

After Oxide’s affair with Hong Kong starlet Liddy Li was recently exposed, he had rushed back to Malaysia in a bid to salvage his crumbling marriage.

An insider revealed: “Angelica has been hit very hard [by this matter]; [she] cried very hard [and] refused to engage in too much conversation with Oxide when he returned home to beg for forgiveness.”

The insider added that Angelica had asked for time to cool down, and hoped not to see her husband for the time being. Also, she is currently considering whether the mutual trust between her and Oxide can be restored, or if she should get a divorce.

Oxide’s father-in-law did not approve of the director’s actions too. Yesterday, Angelica’s father accepted interviews in Malaysia and expressed his thoughts on the issue: “I don’t know anything, but it’s common logic for a father to protect his daughter. If he has let my daughter down, I will definitely punish him.”

The 66-year-old warned Oxide that he’s on his own now, and revealed that he has not seen the latter since Chinese New Year. Angelica has not said anything to him regarding her marriage, and he is unaware of her whereabouts for the time being.

The media has been repeatedly trying to get a hold of the people involved in order to understand the situation, but Angelica’s management agency declined comment and Oxide is unreachable by phone.

As for the target of public outrage and “third-party” Liddy, she has not appeared since the scandal broke, and has deleted content from the Internet in order to prevent attacks from angry netizens. Yesterday, reporters attempted to contact her via text message: “Running away cannot solve the problem. Face [it] with courage.” Liddy finally replied at midnight yesterday with a simple “Thx (sic).”

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