Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang step out together for the first time

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang were spotted together on the streets of Hong Kong this week, for the first time since the latter’s affair with actress Liddy Li was uncovered in May.

On Tuesday night, Oxide was seen helping his wife purchase skincare products at a mall, while Angelica waited for him at a corner. After the director left the store empty-handed, the couple continued window shopping while linking arms.

At a bakery, Oxide was recognised by a passerby who shouted “jerk!” at him angrily. The couple did not seem to be very affected by the remark, and headed to a taxi stand shortly after settling their bill.

Angelica appeared to be shocked when reporters showed up at the scene, and refused to answer any questions. However, when asked if she has forgiven her husband, The Eye actress immediately responded with a smile.

Seeing that they were drawing too much attention due to the reporters, Oxide exclaimed: “Enough! We need to get a cab. [There are] too many people!”

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

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