Andy Lau takes up the Ice Bucket Challenge

Andy Lau

The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral with many celebrities pouring water over themselves to raise funds and awareness for ALS (Lou Gerig’s disease). Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau is no exception and completed the challenge on Tuesday afternoon.

He was nominated on Monday and took up the challenge on a rooftop after he returned to Hong Kong from Beijing.

The 53-year-old also donated US$1million (approximately S$1.24million) to the ALS Association and passed the baton on to superstar Jay Chou, pianist Lang Lang and Hong Kong paralympian So Wa Wai.

Jay was in the studio when he received the challenge and immediately completed the feat despite looking unkempt. The Mandopop star was caught off-guard when his assistant poured water over him before he finished speaking.

Besides nominating lyricist Fang Wen Shan and Taiwanese band Mayday for the challenge, Jay also donated NT$100,000 (approximately S$4,160) to the cause.

Additionally, Taiwanese musician Wang Lee Hom accepted local singer JJ Lin’s nomination and named Mayday’s vocalist A-shin and actress Zhang Ziyi as contenders.

Mayday, who was nominated by many, finally appointed members Masa, Guan You and Stone to finish the challenge on Tuesday before passing it on to Japanese actor-singer Takeshi Kaneshiro, Taiwanese celebrity Jeannie Hsieh and director Chang Chen.

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Jay Chou

Jay Chou

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