Andy Lau, Show Luo, Shu Qi and more rally in support of Kaohsiung

Andy Lau, Show Luo

After a TransAsia Airways plane crashed in Penghu on July 23, Taiwan was struck by another disaster last Thursday, when a series of gas pipe explosions occurred in Kaohsiung, killing at least 28 people and injuring many others.

In response to the tragedy, many celebrities stepped up to help by offering donations and support to victims of the disaster. Over the weekend, Hong Kong Heavenly King Andy Lau posted a picture of a scripture that he had copied by hand onto his official website as a prayer for the victims.

When the 52-year-old was in Taiwan for his annual fan meet yesterday, he even recorded a video to encourage local fans, saying, “I am with you all; continue to do your best”.

According to Taiwanese news reports, the venue housed 80 tables and up to a thousand fans. Although such a large amount of people were present, Andy took the time to ask after fans at each table.

He also attempted to cheer his fans on: “[Due to] the recent Penghu airplane disaster and the Kaohsiung gas explosions, [I] hope that residents, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, volunteers and the media in Kaohsiung can watch out for your safety. Rebuilding [your] home requires time; [but] rebuilding your mood is even more important; let us all cheer them on together!”

The star looked visibly fatigued when the event ended three hours later, but perked himself up to wave good bye to the fans. Andy may only have spent a total of eight hours in Taiwan before he rushed back to Hong Kong, but his acts of goodwill moved many Taiwanese citizens.

Andy Lau

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