Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng are married?

Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui

Are Hong Kong artistes Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng already married?

At a recent funeral procession held in memory of Andy’s older brother who had passed away from cancer last month, a flower wreath, which was placed at a prominent position in the memorial hall, bore a note that hinted of the couple’s secret union. The card on the wreath read: “[From] Brother Andy, sister-in-law Sammi”.

The couple had also arrived in completely black clothing, and had black cloth pinned to the left side of their chests. Sammi was also spotted with a ring on her finger, leading to speculations that she had already secretly gotten married to Andy.

Prior to this incident, there are existing rumours that the couple had gotten married in Bali last November, following Andy’s successful proposal to Sammi in August last year. At that time, singer-actor Wilfred Lau even accidentally let slip that “they are already married”.

An insider claimed that the couple had already registered their marriage in Hong Kong last year, went on a family honeymoon to Bali, and started living together.

It is said that the couple have yet to announce because Sammi’s father is a conservative Teochew man who feels that without a banquet dinner, Sammi cannot be considered as married.

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Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui

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