Andy Hui acknowledges Sammi Cheng as his “wife”

Andy Hui

Hong Kong singer Andy Hui publicly acknowledged actress-singer Sammi Cheng as his “wife” recently in response to online comments on their “husband and wife” relationship. The 42-year-old reportedly successfully proposed to Sammi last August and the two will be tying the knot.

But Andy laughed when asked about concrete marriage plans and said, “We will do it after William So.”

The lovebirds started dating in 1991, broke up in 2004 and got together again in 2011. Speaking of Sammi and her love for cooking, Andy revealed how happy he is when she cooks for him.

“Whenever she cooks, I will turn down dinner dates with my friends. To have someone cook for you is a very blissful thing,” he shared.

As for his future plans in acting and singing, Andy indicated his preference towards Cantonese songs compared to Chinese songs as his language background may hinder his understanding of Chinese lyrics. However, he plans to release a special Chinese album later this year.

He added, “This will be another project in my music career. There is a fire in me but whether it will burn brightly will depend on many other factors.”

Although the singer has interests in venturing into movies, he does not wish to neglect his primary occupation and will continue singing till he retires.

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